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We got your order wrong? 

Please accept our apology for any discrepancy.

We check the accuracy of every order three times before it's dispatched. However, things can go wrong. Here's what to do if your order is incomplete or was dispatched incorrectly.

This information is provided for Artiwood's wholesale customers only.

Members of the general public should contact the retailer from whom they purchased a product to discuss problems with their order.

Split deliveries 

Couriers may schedule a “split delivery”; particularly during busy periods. This means one or more packages in your order may arrive the next working day.

Before contacting us to report a missing package please check the status of your order using the tracking reference emailed after its dispatch. The courier's website will highlight the location of any package it's yet to deliver.

Reporting a problem 

Always check the accuracy of your order upon receipt.

If your order is incomplete or inaccurate please notify us within 5 working days of receipt.

Please notify us using our online reporting form.

This link only works if you've logged into your account as it automatically adds your account information. You can also drag and drop supporting images as you go.

Alternatively you can send us an email: info@artiwood.com.au.

Always include the following information when you contact us:

  • Your invoice number (located in the top left corner of your invoice) and store name.
  • The brand and product name of the item missing from your confirmed order; or that you've received in error.
  • The Artiwood product code any missing item. You can find this on our website.

We’ll then instruct you what to do next.

Refunds and replacements 

We normally apply a credit note to your account for items missing from your order. Replacement stock will be shipped at our discretion.

This offer does not apply for errors you've made when submitting an order.

We may also ask you to return a product we've shipped in error. We'll give you simple step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

All items must be returned in good condition. This includes returning its original retail packaging with all tags intact. The retail pack or carton should be securely wrapped and protected before the courier collects it. We can provide instructions on how to do this.

Goods damaged in transit may not be refunded if you've failed to protect them adequately.

Reporting damaged or faulty goods 

Always check the condition of products in your order when it arrives.

All products we sell are new and factory-fresh. Retailers please notify us if our products are faulty or damage has occurred in transit within 5 working days of their receipt. Members of the general public should report any problems directly to the retailer from whom their purchase was made.

Retailers please click here for an online form you can use to report a problem. This link only works if you've logged into your account.

Our full terms and conditions 

You can find all of the terms and conditions for using our site here.

Your feedback is appreciated

Thank you for doing business with Artiwood Australia. Our customers are our most valued source of feedback. Please email us at: info@artiwood.com.au