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Can I apply for a credit account? 

Artiwood Australia offers wholesale credit accounts on 30 days terms. Details on how to apply for credit terms can be found below.

Credit accounts are only available for registered wholesale customers with an established trading history. Not registered? Follow this link to apply for wholesale access.

How do I apply? 

When ordering from us for the first time we'd like you to establish your credit worthiness by paying on pro forma terms. This means making payment in full before we process and dispatch your order.

Pro-forma payments demonstrate your credit worthiness and establish a stable trading history. Once you've placed three pro-forma orders (and paid for them in a timely and trouble-free manner) you can apply for a 30-day credit account. Splitting one large order into three smaller orders for immediate dispatch is considered a single order while establishing your trading history.

Please email us for a credit application form at: sales@artiwood.com.au. Only forms completed in full and signed by an authorised person are accepted for processing.

What should I consider before applying? 

Credit accounts are provided at Artiwood Australia’s discretion. Making an application does not guarantee approval. Your business must pass a credit reference check and have a trouble-free trading history with us. This includes an absence of cancelled orders, delayed payments, declined credit card payments and orders requiring regular follow-up for payment.

You should not apply for a credit account if you believe you're unable to pay an outstanding balance in full by its due date for any reason.

Where do I send my application form? 

Return your completed credit application form to us by:


Fax to:
1300 190 900

Post to:
PO Box 7111 Alexandria NSW 2015

We'll review your application, check your trade references and notify you via email if your application is successful. Once you've received a final confirmation you're free to place orders using your credit account. Your online account will also be updated to reflect these new terms.

We are a Creditor Watch subscriber 

Artiwood Australia uses an Australian based company, Creditor Watch, to monitor and evaluate the credit history of its customers