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Designed with care 

Products supplied by Artiwood Australia are safe to use, environmentally friendly and manufactured under the strictest ethical standards. They comply with recognised international safety regulations. This includes the European Union’s EN 71 Series of Standards (the CE Standard), the ISO 8124 Series of Standards and USA's ASTM Series of Standards.

In Australia and New Zealand the AS/NZS 8124 Series of Standards governs the safety of toys. Products tested to international standards typically meet Australian standards; particularly for small piece size compliance and the use of child-safe paints, dyes and lacquers. However, international standards differ occasionally from local standards for things like foreseeable abuse testing, age grading and labelling.

At Artiwood we use a five-part quality control protocol to ensure our products are reliable and safe to use. This includes working with manufacturers on testing to Australian (or equivalent) standards, ensuring test certificates remain current and avoiding manufacturers whose quality control proves unreliable.

Furthermore we never work with any manufacturer unwilling, or unable, to provide test certificates issued by a reputable, internationally recognised laboratory. We don’t believe any toy is worth risking our nation's children, your business or Artiwood's reputation.

Purchase toys and baby accessories distributed by Artiwood secure in the knowledge that we only source and import products certified safe for children.

For more information 

Follow these links to learn more about toy safety, testing and compliance standards.

Artiwood's five levels of quality control 

  1. Our Philosophy
    Artiwood Australia’s first defence against unsafe, poor quality products is our business strategy. We practice an eco-friendly, non-toxic and sustainable philosophy. This means we never import toys built entirely of plastic and avoid baby products using non-organic fabrics and fillers.
  2. Choosing Our Suppliers
    We have an established policy of importing products from globally established toy brands in preference to brand-less OEM or white label manufacturers. Global brands as a matter of course maintain a level of standards compliance rarely matched by an unknown OEM supplier. This includes on-site quality control, independent standards testing and regular compliance monitoring.
  3. Assessing Compliance
    Artiwood assesses every new product it imports for standard compliance prior to placing an order. Depending on the product involved this may include a careful assessment of samples exhibited at an international trade show, a review of certifed laboratory test reports and a thorough evaluation of commerical samples shipped to Australia.
  4. Confirming Compliance
    New products imported in commercial quantities for the first time are subject to a further inspection upon arrival. We review them to confirm that their final format remains consistent with samples we've assessed previously. We even undertake our own inhouse "destruction testing" if a a production batch concerns us. We also visit the factories of our suppliers, review their quality control procedures and identify opportunities for improvement.
  5. Remaining Vigilant
    Artiwood is a member of the Australian Toy Association. As a member we receive regular bulletins on changing legislation. We also subscribe to the ACCC's email alert service. Its updates allow us to maintain a watching brief over the compliance of every toys we import. Finally, we contribute regularly to product improvement and QC assurance initiatives conducted by our suppliers.