Designed in Sweden. Enjoyed worldwide. Now in Australia.

MICKI is an inspirational Swedish company. It's been designing beautiful, elegant toys since its founding by Grandpa Aronsson in 1944. For three generations this family owned enterprise has cared about and invested in the environment, its employees and its growing network of business partners.

MICKI is no ordinary company. It places huge demands on its toys. They must be safe, durable and attractive. Equally they must evoke an urge to play and learn. MICKI avoids complicated manuals and confusing features. Instead it relies on inspired designs offering plenty of scope for a child's own imagination. Otherwise a toy's sent back to the drawing board!

MICKI is a member of the ICTI Committed Brands PLUS Program. Its members ensure their toys are always manufacturered ethically. Click here to learn more. It's also committed to sustainable manufacturing. It uses sawdust waste from production to heat its head office, operates a fleet of green vehicles for company travel and only uses low-risk sustainable timber in its toys.