100% natural cork toys. 100% Portuguese.

Elou brings the sensory and tactical joy of eco-friendly cork to life in a range of beautiful contemporary toys. Its modern manufacturing technology leverages the power of industrial science and centuries of Portugese tradition to create toys that are a delight to feel and hold. Choose from an environmentally friendly range of educational toys, games, puzzles, vehicles, rockers and bath toys.

Cork is a sustainable, hypoallergenic substance. Its soft texture, lightness, shock resistance and absorbative properties make it ideal for creating toys that stimulate sensory, spatial and cognative development. Cork is gentle on painted, wooden and tiled playing surfaces (including the odd mishap with a wall or two). it's also buoyant and safe to immerse in water. This means that, unlike other wooden toys, Elou's cork toys can be used in the bath, by the pool and outdoors.

The joy of cork

Cork is a natural material harvested from the outer layer of the cork oak tree. It's extracted sustainably once every seven years using ancient techniques that protect the tree from harm. Elou uses this eco-friendly material to create its stunning toys. It also uses environmentally friendly dyes that are certified non-toxic and safe for children. Elou doesn't just care for its enivorniment. It believes in creating a more inclusive world. It supports a national network of entrepreneurial cork farmers committed to maintaining Portugal's world-famous cork heritage. It also works in partnership with local institutions who care for people with motor and cognitive disabilities.

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