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Eco-friendly quality since 1999

Artiwood Australia is an importer and wholesaler of eco-friendly, educational toys and baby accessories. We've been proudly Australian owned and operated since 1999.  You'll find our quality products in store and online with hundreds of reputable, independent retailers nationwide.

Our business began as the personal passion of our founder, John Daniels. For many years he helped small family owned handicraft manufacturers in rural Sri Lanka take their products to market.

The same commitment to high-quality, ethically sourced, safe and creative products remains at the heart of our business almost two decades later. This means we're:

  • Committed to sourcing the world’s best eco -friendly products for our loyal customers.

  • Focused on delivering world-class customer service with a boutique flair; a focus that saw us awarded Toy Supplier of the Year in 2016.

  • Obsessed with finding and promoting toys that truly spark the imagination.

  • Dedicated to supporting entreprenurial Australian companies like Kidstart, AndZee and the Freckled Frog.

Your decision to buy our toys will have a positive impact - all the way back to every toy’s community of origin both here in Australia and overseas. Buy from us safe in the knowledge that you’re contributing to a greener, brighter future for our planet and its people.

You can learn more about our eco-friendly philosophy here; and more about our approach to sourcing safe products here.

To all of you, from all of us at Artiwood Australia, thank you for supporting our vision for a more planet and people friendly world.


Garry A. Smith

Andrew J. McGregor

ABN: 12 605 671 298

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Did you notice the change?

Our new logo captures the vibrant colours and energy of childhood while its shape reflects our origins selling wooden puzzles, blocks and letters.

We make learning fun

At Artiwood Australia we believe that children really are the future. We're passionate about helping the next generation succeed in ways we can only dream about today. We've built our business on creating the best foundation for this life-long journey of learning.

Our products use shapes, colours and images designed to spark a child's passion for learning. Motivated learners are easy to recognize. They're focused on problem solving and mastering new skills. They're willing to persist until they succeed.

Psychologists distinguish between two kinds of learning motivation: extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

  • Extrinsic motivation occurs when positive rewards are used to increase the frequency of positive learning behaviour. Praise, awards, money and food can be used to encourage this response.
  • Intrinsic motivation occurs when a child actively participates in learning activities without a need for rewards. A child who enjoys showing you pictures in a book or puzzles they solve is intrinsically motivated.

You can enhance your child's passion for learning by exploring their interest as they play. This can be as simple as sharing comments like, "Isn't this a bright colour. Do you know its name?  What other things can you see around the room in this colour? Isn't this a cute animal? What's its name? Where can you find it in Australia?" and so on.

Learn more about early childhood development here.

We are People & Planet Friendly

Modern manufacturing has made sustainable, eco-friendly products increasingly difficult to find. The world seems full of plastic toys. The team at Artiwood Australia believes there's room for more eco-friendly alternatives. Every year we search the world for toys that reflect our philosophy at an affordable price.

Learn more about our People & Planet Friendly philosophy here.

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