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About Artiwood


Apple Park New Artiwood Australia has been sourcing and supplying quality, imaginative and playful educational toys since 1999.  The business began as the personal passion of our founder, John Daniels. For many years he helped small family owned handicraft manufacturers in rural Sri Lanka take their products to market.


The same commitment to high-quality, ethically sourced, safe and sustainable products remains at the heart of our business today. We continue to source the world’s best eco -friendly products for our loyal customers. We still support a number of Sri Lankan manufacturers even as we progressively expand our range to include toys from popular global brands. We still hand select every toy we sell, choosing only those that truly spark the imagination; while inviting children to touch, feel and explore through meaningful fun-filled play experiences.


In 2014 we added more than 200 new products to our range; and did the same again in 2015. This includes the best from rising global brands like Indigo Jamm, Apple Park, New Classic Toys and Buildex; along with Kidstart, a reputable Australian supplier of educational posters and books.


Every supplier designs and manufactures unique, safe and eco-friendly toys using sustainable and organic materials with a focus on fun, learning and exploration. This means that your decision to buy our toys has a positive impact - all the way back to every toy’s community of origin. Buy from us safe in the knowledge that you’re contributing to a greener, brighter future for our planet and its people.


A big thank you to all of you for sharing our vision!


Company Profile


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Artiwood Company Profile
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Product Safety


Small Piece Test Manufacturers of children’s toys typically use the European Union’s standard known as the EN 71 Series of Standards for design and manufacturing their products. Occasionally, as an alternative, manufacturers will comply with the ISO 8124 Series of Standards.  Both standards are very similar to the Australian AS/NZS 8124 Series of Standards for children’s toys.


This means products tested to international standards typically meet Australian standards; particularly for small piece size compliance and the use of child-safe paints, dyes and lacquers. However, international standards can differ occassionally from local standards for age grading and labeling.


At Artiwood we have a five-stage quality control process for ensuring compliance with the Australian AS/NZS 8124 Series of Standards for all of our products. We also visit and evaluate the factories that make our toys. This means you can buy from us safe in the knowledge that we only import products that are safe for you and your children.


You can learn more about our commitment to safety and sustainability here.


Why Rubberwood?


rubber tree

Many of our products are made from carefully selected, treated and seasoned rubber wood. Rubberwood is an un-endangered and renewable source of timber used in the production of latex and cultivated on plantations in Sri Lanka and Thailand.  Plantation rubberwood allows us to make quality wooden toys while leaving natural forests unharmed.


You can learn more about our eco-friendly philosophy here.


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